El dolor

In our institute or department, we consider pain an ILLNESS in itself, which has to be cured or palliated with different methods or technologies, and the following is therefore needed:

  • Suitable diagnosis
  • A precise strategy
  • Personalised treatment

When a patient suffers chronic or acute pain, they do not know which consultant to go to, and are often attended by another consultant who, though mitigating the pain, fails to make it disappear completely. And in addition to this, they might undergo surgery when there was another possible treatment. This defencelessness of the patient, who suffers the cruelty of pain for a long time, affects their attitude when thinking of pain specialists, who they do not believe capable of solving their problem either.

The Algologist (specialist in pain medicine) has the best knowledge of the syndrome in which pain behaves like an illness, or is the main symptom of it.

In our centre we often see patients who have had several operations or have not slept properly for weeks and/or years and are unable to lead a more or less normal life, for nobody has suggested that they might go to a Pain Treatment Centre.

There is frequently the mistaken idea that only the palliative sick (wrongly called terminal) or cancer-sufferers are candidates for Pain Treatment Centres.